Do you know how many customers come back or is it all too hard?

Businesses always try to woo customers with impeccable customer service during the buying cycle.

But what happens after all your efforts pay off and the customer buys from you?

What happens after they have bought the wine/beer, and they leave the winery/brewery?

Most businesses put their focus back on new customer acquisition and do whatever it takes to win them over and get the deal done over and over again. The cycle continues in pretty much the same fashion, until the old customers come back to do more business.

But the question is: Will they come back?

The answer is simple: not unless you give them reasons to do so. 

I’m not saying that you don’t need new customers.

Every business needs them; it’s virtually impossible to grow without making new customers.

But to ignore an existing source of revenue that’s right under your nose is just bad business sense. For many businesses, the total customer lifecycle is about the buyer’s experience from the beginning to the end.

What comes after is often left out. This is a huge mistake. When you think of it from a customer’s standpoint, it’s not hard to understand why.

Despite the fact that customer acquisition is six times the cost of retention, a new report concludes that more than eight out of 10 companies tie their business objectives to customer acquisition but less than half give importance to retention.

In a world where terms like “Yelp economy” are sometimes used to highlight the fact that companies are being watched and discussed by clients, both past and present, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to spend a little more effort post-sale or in between sales.

Luckily iwine HQ  can help you map the customer journey from customer attraction to customer return.

Because we start at pre cellar door arrival to return visit, we take into consideration all events, all touch points, so that we can build a complete customer journey map, using new tools like Cuspidor, we now have an opportunity to engage with customers post visit and if there were low points in their visit, find out why.

If you would like to make your life easier and more informed contact iwine HQ straight away!