virtual tasting


why virtual tasting

As we move more and more online, it is an obvious progression that we have virtual wine or beer tasting.
This gives the customer the opportunity to be able to taste your wine or beer wherever they may be.

how it works

we film you tasting your beer or wine describing the flavours, the smell, the whole experience. we then upload it to our wine channel or your website* and then when your customers buy a bottle of their favourite drop, they can watch the tasting and see if they can pick put the characteristics

what are the benefits

The benefits are immense;

  1. this is a great way to educate your customers without them feeling embarrassed about not having enough tasting experience
  2. its also a great way to attract new customers
  3. you can introduce existing customers to new vintages or brews.
  4. you can reach a wider market than those visiting your cellar door
  5. you can increase sales
  6. it gives you an opportunity to talk directly with your customers
  7. it allows you to express your passion for your product
  8. it educates your audience on the intricacies of the product
  9. it empowers your customers with knowledge to be able to spread the word (WOMM)
  10. it increases sales
  11. it builds the relationship between you and your customers

example video



what do i do next

simply call (0481 854 516) or email us today and lets get going
*it can either be embedded in your website or linked to the wine channel. additional charges may apply.