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Creative Marketing

Creative Thinking + Customer Understanding = Creative Marketing

Understanding consumer behaviour is a vital aspect of marketing. Consumer behaviour is the study of how people make decisions about what they buy, want, need, or act in regards to a product, service, or business.
It is critical to understand consumer behavior to know how potential customers will respond to a product or service.

We specialise in the development of creative marketing solutions for wine and beer related businesses in Australia. Initiating and developing creative strategic approaches that identify the key strategies and leveraging opportunities of your business and of the markets you want to attract. Our approach follows a structured process to be able to maximise success and provide a mechanism for sustainability.

We aim to get you to think of iwineHQ as an extension of your marketing department, a partner that you can rely upon, time and time again, as and when required. Some food for thought;

Value proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer of value that will be experienced. A value proposition is the primary reason a customer should buy from you. You can match your competitors on every element except one, in at least one element you must be different, otherwise why not buy from your competitor. We can help devise a unique value proposition that will drive customers to your door.

Market positioning

Market Positioning is not what you do to the wine or winery; positioning it is what you do to the mind of a potential customer. Market Positioning is the act of designing the business’s offering and image so that they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target customers’ minds. It is vital that any marketing strategy reflects the identified market positioning. We can assist in developing a marketing positioning strategy based upon your winery, product range, branding and desired position in the market.

Market segmentation

We are able to bring clarity and process to market segmentation, ensuring that market segments are accurately identified and chosen, in line with your proposed marketing actions. Market segmentation provides the foundation for successful marketing strategies. We can ensure that your finite resources are used to provide the right offerings to the right group of people. We can improve the targeting of your current segments and identify the best future opportunities to pursue.

Brand management

We can assist in the establishment, development or management of your brand. Brands must have a meaningful difference, that is significant and influential and they must have relevance. Brand attributes that people can relate to; attributes that people understand and can connect with. The development of a brand is a complex process that needs vision, strategy and careful nurturing. We ensure that your brand strategy is well devised and conceptually on target. We can assist in the long term strategic development of your brand. Our aim is for your customers to establish an emotional bond with your brand. We can drive the creation of your Brand in all aspects from conception to execution.

Consumer behaviour

The black-box model is based on external stimulus-response, meaning something triggers the consumer to make buying decisions that are influenced by many factors, including marketing messages, sampling, product availability, promotions, and price.

When influenced by the personal-variable model, consumers make decisions based on internal factors. These internal factors may include personal opinions, belief systems, values, traditions, goals, or any other internal motivator.

The third consumer behaviour model is the complex model. The complex model considers both internal and external variables.

We use all three models in our thinking and implementation process.

Social media

We cannot, of course, talk about strategic marketing without talking about social media, whether it is a blog, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook. Social media is about reaching people, engaging with them, it is about knowing your audience, it is about providing content that engages & informs and makes them ultimately want to buy from you.


We can develop and, if required, run your entire marketing or social media campaign.