customer experience (CX)


What do you know about your customers?

Why do some customers spend more than others?

How do they rate their customer experience (CX)?

If you can answer the third question, then more likely than not, you can answer the first two.

Understanding the customer and giving them what they need is more important than ever.

The customer experience is vital for the ongoing success of your business and ultimately return business, customer loyalty, and market positioning. How the customer perceives the experience will shape their whole view of your product and your business.

We are experts in understanding what drives and influences customers and what ultimately shapes their customer experience.

Some questions to ponder;

Do you track customer satisfaction at every interaction along the customer journey?

Do you have the tools necessary to meet customer expectations and respond effectively to their requests?

Do you know what tools you need and who would drive it?

Have you mapped the customer journey?

Do you track customer satisfaction at every interaction along the customer journey?

We are business analysts who can develop a Customer Experience (CX) Blueprint and Roadmap for your business, identifying which areas need improvement, what to do and how to do it.


We can undertake a complete audit of the total customer experience, identifying areas where most results can be gained by paying careful attention to critical touchpoints.

The total winery or brewery experience

Customers after visiting a winery or brewery don’t come away with a view of that winery/brewery based upon only one single aspect. They come away with a view based upon all aspects (their customer experience ); this can often start before they even arrive;

Your web presence will often influence whether a potential customer visits you at all.

Some more questions to ponder;

Is your website up to date and the information accurate?

Do you have a Google panel, does it show the correct information including opening times/days?

How do potential customers respond to your web presence?

Do you measure that response?

If you online presence is putting potential customers off and you never get to see them, you need to know that!

Our audit is broken down into 4 main areas;

  1. Web Presence
  2. Environment
  3. Product
  4. Total Experience

PART EXAMPLE ONLY – PART A- web presence

  • Can your business be found when someone searches?
  • Is your brand consistent across all of your online properties?
  • How does your business compare to your competition?
  • What is your reputation among your customers?
  • Is your content resonating with your target audience?
  • Is it easy to find, connect and contact you?


  • starting from how easy was it to find you
  • was it well signposted
  • was it easy to park in the car park
  • was the car park muddy and did their shoes get dirty
  • what did the outside of the building look like
  • are there signs on where to go
  • where are the toilets – were they clean?

And all of this before they have even stepped into the cellar door or restaurant or bar.

You may think well there is not a lot I can do about that, well actually there are ways that you can minimise these factors, so that by the time they leave that was the best customer experience they had ever had.

If you want repeat business, then the total customer experience has to be taken into consideration because that is what your customers do.

The cellar door experience

A visit to a winery or brewery offers the customer an opportunity to appraise the many different aspects of what the winery or brewery values, what it stands for and its range of additional product offerings. What do visitors expect? They don’t drive 2 hours just to buy a bottle of wine or drink a bottle of beer that can buy from down the road. They want a personal experience that they can’t get elsewhere, they want to get connected to the product that they are already fond of, by meeting the people behind the brand.  They also have higher expectations regarding the personal feel and attention levels of the customer service provided. How well does your cellar door succeed? We can ensure it’s meeting yours and your customers’ expectations.

‘Drink’, ‘Think’ & ‘Buy’

How to capitalize on the ‘drink, think & buy’ cellar door experience. We can measure and evaluate service operation, income hot spots, evaluate your product range and what its means to customers. The cellar door offers visitors a range of experiences and is very important in forming perceptions. The interaction between customers and staff, the ambiance of the tasting room and the entire experience will either have a positive or negative impact on the customers’ perception of the business and therefore future sales. Wine tasting (78%) remains the most significant influence in consumers purchasing wine, with 57% of people said taste was most important when choosing a beer.


Customer service

Service is the single most important factor in making a GREAT customer experience.

The way the staff greets the customer, whether they make them feel welcome and how passionate they are about the product will have the single biggest influence in shaping the customers’ whole experience.

Have you ever been to a great restaurant and had great food, but left thinking that you would never go back, and why because the customer service experienced was so bad that it undermined the whole experience.
We can assist you in putting systems in place to ensure that all the effort does not end up in a negative experience and a lost customer. There are two distinct aspects that make up your business, the tangible features of the product and business and the intangible elements such as the level of customer service and after-sales service.
The essentials of good customer service are simple if the right systems and training are put in place. We specialise in customer service and have a track record of benchmarking.

Make every customer feel special

When a customer comes to your cellar door, there are a number of things that have already started to shape their perception even before they enter, but how they are greeted and the expertise of the cellar door staff plays a big role in sales and perception and consequently return visitation.

We are in the business of Passion, as without it nothing else quite works.